Turtle Mountain Law Library
Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Tribal Code.

3.02.010 Qualifications of Witnesses

No person offered or called as a witness in any action or special proceeding in any court or before any officer or person having authority to examine witnesses or hear evidence shall be excluded or excused from testifying unless the court or official receiving such testimony finds that:

(a) The proposed witness has a right to refuse to disclose the information being inquired about because such information was confidentially made to the witness and is a privileged communication within the meaning of this title; or

(b) The proposed witness is incapable of expressing himself concerning the matter so as to be understood by the judge and jury or other official receiving such testimony either directly or through interpretation by one who can understand him; or

(c) The proposed witness is incapable of understanding the duty of a witness to tell the truth.