Turtle Mountain Law Library
Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Tribal Code.

3.02.050 Control of Judges over Presentation of Evidence

Except or otherwise provided in this Code, the judge controls the conduct of the trial and at his discretion determines, among other things:

(a) In what order evidence shall be offered and witnesses shall be called and examined.

(b) How many witnesses a party may reasonably call to testify to a material matter.

(c) Whether to call witnesses of his own motion, and whether, and to what extent, to interrogate a witness by whomever called.

(d) What reasonable restraints shall be imposed upon the examiner of a witness in order that the witness not be misled, intimidated, harassed or unduly disconcerted.

(e) Whether or upon what condition an adverse party shall upon demand made at the trial submit for inspection to the demanding party a writing or object found by the judge to be in the control of the adverse party and readily accessible and to constitute or contain evidence admissible against the adverse party.