Turtle Mountain Law Library
Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Tribal Code.

56.04.010 Cultivation Facility Operating Procedures

(a) Each cultivation facility shall establish written operating procedures for the cultivation of Marijuana. The operating procedures must include the minimum following information:

(1) The manner in which all pesticide and other agricultural chemicals are to be applied during its cultivation process;

(2) The equipment and methods employed in the cultivation of the Marijuana;

(3) How the cultivated Marijuana will be transported to a processing facility or distribution facility;

(4) The measures taken to minimize or offset energy use from the cultivation of Marijuana;

(5) The manner in which chemicals will be stored and used at the premises;

(6) The type and quantity of all effluent discharged into the Tribe's wastewater or storm-water system;

(7) The hours and days of the week the cultivation facility will be open;

(8) The number of persons per shift who will be working at the cultivation facility;

(9) The security measures that will be employed at the premises, including but not limited to licensed and uniformed guards, lighting, alarms, surveillance, and automatic law enforcement notification; and

(10) Any other information required by the Commission.

(b) A copy of all operating procedures must be maintained and be publicly available at every cultivation facility.