Turtle Mountain Law Library
Constitution and ByLaws of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians North Dakota

Section 5. Impeachment of Judges, including Chief Judge:

(a) All judges of the judicial branch of government shall be subject to impeachment based only upon cause, as developed by the Judicial Board, only after due process of law is provided. The applicable standard shall be clear and convincing evidence.

(b) Impeachment proceedings shall be heard before an impeachment judge empowered to hear only impeachment hearings and who shall serve n no other capacity in the Turtle Mountain Judicial Branch of Government.

(c) Qualifications of said special Impeachment Judge: This judge must be currently licensed to practice law in any State with previous experience as a tribal, state or federal judge. This position shall be appointed by the Judicial Board and ratified by the Tribal Council. Funding for this position shall be provided by the Tribal Council.