Turtle Mountain Law Library
Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Tribal Code.

56.03.070 License Suspension or Revocation

(a) If, after the issuance of a Marijuana Employee License, the Commission receives credible and reliable information indicating that an employee is not or is no longer eligible for employment under Section 56.03.040 above, the Commission shall suspend such license and shall notify in writing the licensee of the suspension and pending revocation.

(b) A person whose Marijuana Employee License has been suspended shall notify the licensee of a time and a place for a hearing on the suspension and pending revocation of a license.

(c) After a suspension and pending revocation hearing, the Commission shall decide to revoke or to reinstate a Marijuana Employee License. The decision of the Commission shall be final for purposes of judicial review. The Court shall not have the power to impose an injunction upon the effect of a suspension or revocation but may, after a full hearing on the merits of a revocation, order dissolution of the revocation.